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Best coffee maker for best tasting coffee

best coffee maker
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Coffee lovers rejoice! Whether your days are powered by caffeine or you’re a decaf type, you’ll appreciate having one of the best coffee makers in your kitchen. And fortunately, there are plenty of coffee machines on the market to fit your preference.

Whether you want to make a single cup of coffee, a full carafe or pot of coffee–there’s a pot for you. Prefer a built-in coffee grinder or lean towards coffee grounds you can just scoop into the filter basket? We’ve got you covered.

Best Coffee Maker:

Bonavita Coffee Maker

Bonavita 8-Cup Coffee Maker

Size: 12.2 x 12.4 x 6.8 inches    –    Capacity: 8 cups    –    Descaling indicator: No    –    Programmable: No

Reasons To Buy:

  • SCA Certified
  • Thermal carafe
  • Simple operation
  • Rainmaker showerhead

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Water tank not removable

This is one of the best drip coffee maker and it’s indisputable proof that good things really do come in small packages. The Bonavita Connoisseur 8-Cup Performance coffee brewer is a compact coffee maker that’s simple, beautiful, and makes great tasting coffee. There are no LED screen and no buttons, except for the power button. This ensures a consistently good brewing experience without jumping through a lot of hoops. There’s an optional pre-infusion mode that pauses the showerhead and gives the grounds more time to bloom. You’ll know when this mode has been enabled because you’ll see a flashing light and hear two beeps.

The Bonavita Connoisseur has a detachable filter basket, and the water tank has a generous opening to make it easy to pour water without spilling it. And the lid on the stainless steel thermal carafe has a lever to control the amount of coffee being poured from the drip machine.

Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV Select

Size: 14 x 12.5 x 6.5 inches   –   Capacity: 10 cups   –   Descaling indicator: No   –   Programable: No   –  Brew controls: No   –   Milk frother: No   –   Removable water reservoir: No

Reasons To Buy:

  • Straightforward controls
  • Innovative technology
  • 5-year warranty and lifetime repairs

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Lacks convenience features

The Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV Select is the company’s latest model, first released in late 2019 as the Moccamaster KBG Select in Europe. The new release continues the Moccamaster’s highly respected name as the highest quality and most widely praised coffee maker in this list. It’s been engineered for optimal brew temperatures and water dispersal, with innovative features that have earned it recognition from the Specialty Coffee Association. What’s more, it does all of this while operating exceedingly quickly, which I found out when we tried it out for myself.

Handmade in the Netherlands, this pricey coffee maker has a unique industrial aesthetic that some people love and others hate. This, however, is one for the enthusiasts, and lacks a few of the convenience features you might find in cheaper models. The water tank is fixed onto the system, and you won’t find any auto-brew features baked in here. However, what it lacks in the amenities that are typical of today’ at-home brewers, it makes up for in producing smooth, balanced coffee, which is why it’s one of the best coffee makers in my opinion.

Oxo Brew 9-Cup Coffee Maker

Size: 15 x 8.3 x 17.2 inches   –    Capacity: 9 cups    –    Descaling indicator: Yes    –    Programmable: Yes

Reasons To Buy:

  • Simple controls
  • Pause and pour feature
  • Rainmaker showerhead
  • Thermal carafe keeps coffee hot
  • Internal mixing tube in carafe

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Water tank isn’t removable

If you don’t like punching a bunch of buttons and dials, you’ll love this drip coffee maker because it has a single button for setting the time, programming the timer, starting the coffee maker, and selecting the quantity (2–4 cups or 5–9 cups). The display shows the time and the brew status. When the coffee is ready, the freshness timer will start and count up to 60 minutes.

For those who can’t wait on a full pot of coffee to brew, there’s a pause and pour feature: When you remove the carafe before the brew time, the cycle will automatically pause for 60 seconds, so you can pour a cup of coffee and then place the carafe back in place for it to continue brewing.

Another neat feature: Inside of the coffee pot there is a removable silicone mixing tube that blends the coffee while it brews. The OXO Brew uses a rainmaker showerhead that evenly disperses water over the coffee grounds – and this contributes to better flavor extraction. It also has temperature-control brewing to keep coffee between 197.6–204.8°F. The OXO Brew 9 Cup is the perfect drip coffee maker and consistently provides a delicious cup of joe without a lot of fuss.

Aeropress Original Coffee Press

The Aeropress seems like a bit of a toy at first glance. And in fact, the company behind it — Aerobie — is a frisbee producer. However, the Aeropress is more than capable of brewing delicious coffee.

In recent years, the gadget has proved itself as one of the most popular options among specialty coffee lovers. Personally, I think most coffee geeks would have a lot of fun, and of course, good coffee with this little gadget. If you’re thinking about picking up a coffee brewer for a quick cup, then it’s a no-brainer to try the AeroPress.

One of the Aeropress’ main strengths is its compact size. It’s small and lightweight enough that you can easily fit it into your regular backpack and bring it to work or on a trip.

However, the small size also means that the Aeropress is somewhat limited in its capacity. If you are just brewing for one or maybe even two persons that’s no problem.

Ninja DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System

Size: 11.39 x 9.13 x 15.54 inches  –  Capacity: 12 cups  –  Descaling indicator: Yes  –  Programmable: Yes

Reasons To Buy:

  • Uses pods and ground coffee
  • 4 brew styles and fold away milk froth feature
  • Supports various cups sizes
  • Removable water tank

Reasons To Avoid:

  • Glass carafe

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System turns your kitchen into a full-on cafe. Casual drinkers may find it too overwhelming, but coffee and tea lovers will appreciate the flexibility of being able to make their beverages as simple or fancy as they want right from home. Capable of brewing a wide range of coffees, teas and cold brews, temperature and brew times are all automatically adjusted based on your choice of drink (selected from the display panel).

Ninja claims that, using the specialty coffee setting and the included milk frother on the side of the machine, you can make coffee-bar drinks at home. That’s true if you’re not super fussy about the quality of the coffee in your ‘ccinos, as the machine brews strong coffee, but not espresso like the coffee shops.  

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