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Best Websites for Booking Hotels at the Cheapest Prices

Best Websites for hotel booking
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Travel can be enjoyable, right? However, it can become costly if you’re unaware of where and how to secure the most favorable deals. That’s where our assistance comes in.

Securing an excellent deal on a hotel room can result in substantial savings. While reserving directly on a hotel’s website is an option, is it the most optimal method? What about the various online travel agencies (OTAs) that are widely used? Which one provides the most competitive pricing?

We’ve previously highlighted the top platforms for economical flights, car rentals, and cruise bookings. Now, we’ll guide you on how to achieve the same for hotel rooms.

We’ve meticulously examined all the leading and widely used websites (along with a few less-known ones) to determine once and for all: which is the best place or website to book a hotel at the most affordable rate?

Expedia is my go-to for booking hotels because it’s been around forever and knows its stuff. The website is super easy to use, and I like that it gives me that comfy, familiar feeling. Plus, they’re known for having prices that won’t break the bank.

Here’s the scoop: Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity are like siblings, and Expedia is the big brother. Even though prices might wiggle a bit, the look, feel, and overall experience are pretty much the same on all three. It’s like having the freedom to choose your favorite sibling—just go with the one you like best.

What I really appreciate is how Expedia lets me tailor my search. I can pick hotels based on their star rating, choose between hotels, vacation rentals, apartments, and more, and even find a spot close to the attractions I want to visit. If I’m on the hunt for a vacation rental, I can specify the number of bedrooms I need. And get this, if I’m traveling with the fam, there’s a handy filter tucked away at the bottom that helps me find family-friendly places.

So yeah, Expedia is my go-to for hassle-free and budget-friendly hotel bookings. It’s like having a savvy travel buddy who always has your back.


  • One Key Rewards program
  • Members-only deals


  • You will not earn loyalty points or elite night credits on the hotel’s own rewards program
  • While most bookings are refundable, some are not; pay attention to the terms of your booking before completing your purchase

Kayak is not an OTA; it’s a metasearch engine for travel deals. This site will look at all the other sites and show you where the best deals are.

One of the things to love about Kayak, in addition to the great filtering options at the left of the screen, is the map feature.

On the search results page, you will see a map on the upper left-hand side of the screen. When you click on it, you will get a detailed map of your destination city, including hotel locations as well as popular areas for eating, sightseeing, shopping, and nightlife. Each dot on the map represents a hotel. You can click on any of them to get more details about the hotel, along with price comparisons.

You can also use the price slider to narrow your search to only inexpensive options.

Also, keep an eye out for Pricebreakers. These are opaque fare deals, which means you won’t know all of the details of your reservation until after you book. When searching for a cheap hotel on Kayak, you can select Pricebreakers in the filtering options for your search. You’ll then see deals that give you the price and 3 hotel possibilities, but you won’t know exactly which hotel you’ll get until after it’s booked.


  • Pricebreaker deals
  • Kayak maps


  • Kayak doesn’t always show the price on the hotel’s website.

3. Priceline

Searching for a hotel on Priceline is straightforward, and prices are similar to other OTAs.

One of the areas where Priceline can offer a deep discount is through its Express Deals. These opaque bookings keep details of the hotel secret until the booking is complete. These are prepaid, nonrefundable, and nontransferable bookings. If your plans aren’t concrete, it’s best to avoid this type of booking.

These Express Deals also have a much more generous best-price guarantee than standard bookings (for VIP members). When booking a traditional hotel room through Priceline, you will receive a refund of the price difference if you find a better price within 24 hours of booking.

However, if you book an Express Deal and find a better price anytime up to midnight before you travel, you will get a 200% refund of the price difference!

The reservations must be identical in all aspects, and the rate must be available to the general public (no member rates) to qualify.

If you like the idea of Express Deals but want a little more certainty, check out Pricebreakers. These opaque bookings will show you 3 hotel options before you book. You still won’t know which one you’ll get until after you book, but you’re guaranteed to get 1 of the 3 options.

The last thing you’ll want to know about Priceline is that it has a loyalty program called Priceline VIP. This free program comes with 4 levels of membership offering perks like best price guarantees, hotel discounts, and Express Deal coupons.


  • Priceline VIP
  • Express Deals and Pricebreakers


  • You won’t earn hotel loyalty points or elite night credits when booking through Priceline

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