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Honest Amish Beard Soap Review | Full test and what I didn’t like!

Honest Amish Beard Soap Review
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Honest Amish Beard Soap

Hello my beautiful bearded friends, I have been using honest amish now for over a month and I’m going to share with you what I did like, what I didn’t like and whether or not I would actually buy this again.

It has no waste

Here’s the things that I did like, the first thing is I love the fact that this beard soap has got zero waste, like maybe it’s the environmentalist in me, maybe it’s the little hippie that I’m growing alongside my beard but I do like the fact that this is a cardboard box and it feels like there’s a bit of plastic on it but I’m pretty sure that it’s still recyclable. Also there’s no plastic in the container. Overall I think this is a fantastic product for those that don’t want excessive plastic. The fact that this soap doesn’t come in plastic that you can’t easily recycle.


Simple ingredients

The second thing I really like about this soap is that it is just easy to understand what the ingredients are. Like when you’re putting stuff on your beard you really want to make sure that you’re not going to put anything that’s going to dry out your beard.

I’m really careful with all of the different ingredients and on this one. Its main ingredient is saponified oils and that just means they’ve taken oils and turned them into soap, there’s no kind of like weird chemicals in there that can potentially dry out your beard. I kind of trust this ingredient list far more than any other beard soaps that I’ve tried. It’s just all of the different oils they’ve used and the fragrances they’ve put in as well. So, I do like that this is a natural product.

Cleans beard very well

Third thing I really like about this is that it cleans your beard well. I went on holiday and I took a quarter of this beard soap with me, where I did tons of activities, I got sweaty when
I was hiking, I swam every day, Scuba dived, I did all of this stuff. During the scuba diving I actually smeared some cristo lube which is a really hardcore lubricant on the top of my mustache to create a good seal with the mask.

This beard soap it did struggle to get it off a little bit but after a couple of applications it did get a rid of the majority of that oil so it works great with cleaning your beard. It did a really great job at cleaning out the the really horrible lubricant. overall I think there’s nothing wrong with the cleaning ability of these soaps and yeah it does what it’s meant to do.

No sticky residue

Another thing I like about this soup is that it doesn’t leave any residue when being washed. I have used soaps in the past for body wash and it kind of leaves this tacky feeling, sticky but clean feeling which is all over your body. 

But with this product I certainly didn’t feel like there was anything left and when I was blow drying my beard the only thing I could smell was the fragrance and you know the comb went through well. Any products that I applied afterwards seem to soak into my beard well. So, there’s definitely no residue left unlike when I’ve used other body soaps. This is a big win for honest Amish.

The smell is a little bit too strong for body use

The first thing I really didn’t like about this beard soap in the end was the smell. It’s fine like it’s a fine smell but it is overpowering if you use it every day now.  As it is a beard and body soap and so, I did find myself using it not only on my beard but over the rest of my body as well and unfortunately what happened was that I really smelled like this beard soap and it’s the woodsy kind of smell that is kind of a little bit too overpowering.

I don’t mind it necessarily but when you smell it every single day you do start to wonder like is it a good smell? I think if it was just in my beard it would be fine but when you smell like this it’s a bit too much. I would recommend if you get this only use it on your beard and then hide it away when you’re showering and just use something else. Keeping this on your beard is great but using it all over your body? you end up smelling like you’ve just been sat next to a campfire for ages.

Quickly degrades under running water

The second thing I don’t really like about this honest amish beard soap is that it sort of degrades quickly if it’s left in the shower under running water. All of the other soaps do not degrade as quickly as this. This is a little bit softer than other body soaps that I’ve been using. I’m not sure what is the exact ingredient here which is causing it to be particularly soft but because it’s only oils that they’ve turned into a soap. Maybe it needs something a little bit more in there to stop it just from washing away in the shower.

Would I buy this again?

Those are the good things and bad things about honest amish beard. So, now the question is would I buy this again? I think I would, knowing now about the smell, knowing about the fact that should keep it well away, I absolutely think that I would buy honest amish beard and body soap again. I may try a few of the other ones they’ve also got a grit one as well. I think for the money and knowing its limitations this is a fantastic soap. It did really well against sea salt, sweat, cristo lube the lubricant that I put on my mustache. So, overall it’s not going to cause you any issues when you’re using it to actually wash your beard.

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