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Purple Harmony Pllow: The greatest Pillow ever made?

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The Purple Harmony Pillow might just be the perfect pillow. It features a honeycomb-patterned gel-flex grid over a latex core, offering a squishy yet supportive feel that keeps me cool all night long. The pillow never loses its shape, ensuring continuous support for my head and neck. With three different lofts available, there’s an option for every type of sleeper. However, it does come with a higher price tag.

Reasons to buy:

  1. Comfortable for Back and Side Sleepers: Well-suited for both back and side sleepers, as well as those who switch between these positions.
  2. Cooling Properties: Great choice for hot sleepers, providing a cool feel throughout the night.
  3. Unique Feel: Bouncy and responsive, yet allows for contouring, thanks to the Purple Grid Hex layer.
  4. Machine Washable Cover: The cover is machine washable, making it easy to keep clean.
  5. Hypoallergenic: Made with hypoallergenic materials, suitable for those with allergies.

Reasons to avoid:

  1. Not Suitable for Stomach Sleepers: The low loft version may not be low enough to prevent neck strain for stomach sleepers.
  2. Loft Height: The “low” loft version may be more like a medium loft, which could be a drawback for those seeking a truly low loft pillow.

Design & Material:

The Purple Harmony Pillow features a core made of Talalay latex, a lightweight foam that creates a sensation of floating on the pillow, offering excellent pressure relief. This latex is hypoallergenic and ventilated for breathability. The latex core is covered by a GelFlex grid made of hyper-elastic polymer, a stretchy and hypoallergenic material. This grid is CertiPUR-US certified and has a CleanAir GOLD certification. The honeycombed structure of the grid continuously adapts to the head and neck, providing cradling support without trapping heat. 

The moisture wicking cover also helps to create a cool pillow, and the cover can be laundered in the machine (separately) and then air dried. However, the pillow itself should only be spot-cleaned.  


I tested the Purple Harmony Pillow for over two weeks, evaluating its performance in setup, comfort, support, and temperature regulation. I slept in various positions—side, back, and stomach—to assess its performance across different sleeping styles. Here’s my experience:

I rated the Purple Harmony Pillow 5 out of 5 stars. It arrived in a Purple-branded shipping box that was somewhat battered, but the pillow itself was securely enclosed in plastic. Setting it up was simple; I just removed it from the plastic bag and placed it on my bed. Unlike some pillows that require decompression, the Purple Harmony Pillow arrived uncompressed, so no additional steps were needed.


In summary, the Purple Harmony pillow has become one of my personal favorites. It’s well-suited for both back and side sleepers, as well as those who switch between these positions. The pillow’s cooling properties make it a great choice for hot sleepers, and its ability to remain cool throughout the night is impressive. I also enjoyed the unique feel of the pillow, with its bouncy and responsive nature allowing for some contouring. The addition of the Purple Grid Hex layer adds to its comfort and uniqueness. The machine washable cover and hypoallergenic materials are also great features.

However, I wouldn’t recommend the Purple Harmony for stomach sleepers. Even the low loft version felt too high, potentially causing neck strain. While Purple offers multiple loft options, the “low” loft version, at 5.5 inches, may be more suitable for those who prefer a medium loft.

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